Cabinet approves purchase of 61,000 tons of grain at N9.4bn

The Nigerian Cabinet has approved the sum of N9.7 billion for the purchase of grains for storage in silos across the country.

Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Audu Ogbe disclosed this while briefing State House Correspondents on the outcome of this week’s Cabinet meeting presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said:”We had a memo approved in Council for purchase of grains to reinforce the grains reserve. Everywhere in the world silos are owned by government, into which they purchase grains at the end of harvest and the average is usually between two and three percent of all grains grown. In this case we have got approval to buy 61, 000 tons of maize, millet and sorghum and the purchasing will begin shortly the cost is N9.47 billion.”

The Minister also announced that the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA has found a product for the treatment of Afla-Toxin, which affects stored grains as well as the Kidney and Liver of individuals.

“We also informed Council of a problem we have with Nigerian grains especially maize, sesame seed and groundnut. An infestation called AFLATOXIN, which the Minister of Health confirmed is a very big threat to the liver and kidney of most consumers. Luckily IITA ha s found a product called AFLASAFE, which they produce in large quantity, which they now sell to Africa for treating the farms, silos and the sacs in which we put the grains, to eliminate AFLATOXIN.

“We are now going to buy the grains, treat them and the silos at the same time, so that if there is an emergency or shortage or even flood and there is no food, we can draw form what we have in the silos and distribute to needy areas of the country,” he explained.


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