Veterinary expert advises animal owners on regular vaccination

Veterinary expert advises animal owners on regular vaccination

A veterinarian, Dr Gideon Mshebwala, has called on pet and other animal owners to ensure regular vaccination of their animals to reduce the transference of zoonotic (animal) disease to humans.

Dr Mshelbwala, a member of the College of Veterinary Surgeon, Nigeria, stressed the importance of regular animal vaccination, regretting that most animal owners had neglected the vital routine .

“Animal diseases like rabies have no cure, so we usually advise dog owners to vaccinate their pets because there are risks associated with it when it bites an individual without vaccination,” he stated.

He explained that the Peste des Ruminats (PPR) disease which affects small ruminants (sheep and goats) could kill up to 30 to 40 per cent of the animals within a short period.

“This does not only apply to pets but animals like sheep and goat. There is an infection called Peste des Ruminats (PPR) disease. You discover that 30 to 40 per cent of ruminants can die in a season but if you have them vaccinated, it will be reduced.

“It is always good to keep your animals vaccinated either pets or food animals, it will reduce the cost of treating animals for diseases in the future and spread of animal diseases,’’ he added.

PPR is an acute viral disease of goats and sheep characterised by fever, necrotic stomatitis, gastroenteritis, pneumonia and sometimes death.

On hygienic and safety of meat, the retired chief veterinary officer appealed to state and local government to step up action on meat inspection in abattoirs.

Mshelbwala called for more veterinary and trained meat inspectors at slaughter houses to ensure the sale and consumption of wholesome meat.

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