15 Pictures Of Misspelled Food Names That Would Have You Reeling With Laughter

Have you ever visited a party or a restaurant, and you see the names of food items or labels being misspelled? The effrontery. And every time this happens I bet your first instinct would be to laugh because these words can be pretty hilarious and rib-cracking.

So we went snooping around the internet to find 15 pictures of food items and labels that were misspelled. Get ready to have a good laugh this morning.

1. Mini Doughnuts misspelled as Mini Dognuts? Really? Ugh!!

2. Oh no, not Chicken Pox on a food menu. Not Chicken Pox Pie… Who’s going to order and eat that?

3. We never knew the past tense of Shrimp existed till we bumped into this picture. We can’t stop laughing..

4. We thought we had seen the worst till we saw this. A marketing strategy or not?

5. We want to assume this is “Chilled Shredded Meat” because it definitely cannot be “Child shredded meat”. Definitely not!

6. Where did the “A” go? Maybe the writer dozed off...


7. Who published this on the internet? Why do this to our favorite beef burger? **hot tears**

8. This person had one job and blew it. Just one. It would forever be oatmeal and not oatmeat. **insert sad emoji**


9. Where do we even begin? Everything about this picture is so wrong and we can’t but let you see it too. hahaha..


10. Chicken Nutguts misspelled as Chicken Nuggets? We are confused as well….

Source: tumbler

11. At first glance, you would think this is right but look again… Strawbebbies are up for sale… Lmao

Source: razzal213.tumblr.com

12. When food items are written/spelled as it is pronounced, you get this;

13. Do you think No. 10 was bad? Wait till you read this… It gets even crazier…

13. Mashed Potato misspelled as Marsh Potao. What was the writer thinking? The dangers of adding “r” to almost everything…

14. Hey guys, We just found the source of all things sweet and sour. (Low key, it is spelled as pronounced again…) hahaha…

Source: basshead541

15. Cantaloupes misspelled as “Can’t Elope” has got to be the most hilarious. hahahaha…

We are wrapping this post up with this tweet by Jordn. Together we “rice”.

Which of these knocked you out? Please share…